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As the 26th-century dawns, the last hope of preventing human extinction lies aboard the starship Arttimes. At least until your cryo-chamber fails and you are woken up. And let me tell you, Cryo Interruption Trauma is a first-class bitch!

Imagine that you are in the middle of the deepest, most epic sleep of your life, and someone pours ice-cold water on you, blows air horns in both ears, blinds you with an old flash photograph, heats you up with a flamethrower, and then kicks you. You. You. you are in the groin so hard that it seems that your testicles are in your throat!

A slight disorientation of my ass! Rule number one when waking up in an unknown spaceship: don’t puke on the cute doctor! But come on, most of that goes away pretty quickly. And here I am, they’re telling me that locked in my genomes may be the keys to saving a life as we know it. Who knows, maybe I’ll become a hero or make new friends.

Either way, it must be an amazing adventure. What the hell, I don’t have anything better. So yeah, let’s go… to the Knicks!

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Game Link: INTO THE NYX [V0.15] [THE CODER]

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