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Indian cooks have mastered the timed roast of spices, releasing various flavors from the same spice based on its length of roasting.

Indian cooking has always found a willing companion in art and music. They always seem to go together. Any musical gathering first begins with prayers to the gods and offering of food to them. Just as emotions are a part of music so are they a part of cooking. Thus in India one finds that to evolve ones palate one also studies the appreciation of music and art. In the Indian kitchen one entertains spices or masalas.
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Tandoori Specialities
Tawa Selection
Plantain & Pineapple Fingers $4.95
Served with spicy cheese sauce
Aloo Tikki Chaat $4.95
Panfried potato cakes on a bed of chickpeas, sweet yogurt and sauces
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Ajwaini Jumbo Prawns $25.95
Jumbo prawns in saffron marinade and carom seeds
Bhatti Ka Jheenga $25.95
Chargrilled prawns marinated with spices
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Fish Koliwada $23.95
Rockfish, marinated with onion seeds, red chili flakes and semolina
Bhareli Wangi $11.95
Indian baby eggplant with coastal spices and topped with tawa sauce
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